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reactive dog

Class Description:  If your dog pulls on the leash and barks, snarls, and refuses to concentrate when they see other people or dogs, then this class is for you. Walking with your dog should be relaxing and fun, not stressful and difficult.  The class is six weeks - the first week is without dogs so we can practice handling, and the second week will be a short private lesson for you and your dog.  The last four weeks are group classes where you will use distance and visual barriers to keep dogs under threshold while we practice redirection and alternate behaviors to keep your dog's brain focused on you. 
This is a positive only training class, we will not allow the use of any training collars.

This class is offered periodically based on interest.  Due to its popularity, payment must be received prior to the start of class.

Class cost is $250 and is limited to 6 dogs.  Please email us for more information.

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