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Does your dog like to use their nose? Of course, they do! They are a dog, after all, and they have a sense of smell that we, as humans, cannot even fathom. This class will teach you and your dog how to work together to find specific scents. It is a fun class for the pups, and you will start working by playing some simple games to teach the dogs that they get rewards for putting their nose on a container with scent. All dogs work one at a time and will be crated during downtime. This class is good for all dogs, whether they need to develop confidence, if they are uncomfortable around other dogs, or if they have an overflow of energy and enthusiasm!

The goal of this class is to have fun and to develop the fundamental skills for competing in scent work or just have fun with it at home. All dogs benefit from foundation scent games– dogs with no experience at all will quickly understand that finding scent pays with rewards, and they will want to do more. Every dog learns at a different rate, but using the nose comes natural and most dogs will “get” it right away.

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